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The Combi-Camp range
With over 40 years of helping to provide great camping holidays throughout Europe, the Combi-Camp range consists of two superb models:

* Country - the luxuriuous trailer tent for the adventurous. With 265 litres of luggage space and room for your cycles or canoe on top of the trailer, the Combi-Camp Country really is the trailer tent for the discerning camper. Read more here
* Valley - for the whole family, easy to tow, set up and repack. Valley offers a complete kitchen setup and a choice of three interiors. Read more here

All cars can pull the Combi-Camp and the low trailer tent causes minimal wind resistance, therefore ensuring optimum fuel economy while towing.

Combi-Camp has become a household name in camping circles. All models offer an excellent range of fixtures and fittings, the berth section is fitted over the wheeels, leaving you dry and comfortable in even the wettest conditions and the practical rear kitchen is easy to use even at lay-bys for brief lunch stops en route to your holiday.

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